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One of Australia’s leading car brokers. We exist to make it easier for you to satisfy all your car needs or desires. 

Are you in need of a credible and reliable car broker in Australia? Do you need information on the car that will best suit your lifestyle? Are you a luxury car collector? Are you tired of buying cars that break down often? Then you have come to the right place. Honey Delight Commercial Brokers offers various car services, and we are confident you will be satisfied by all that we have to offer. We sell brand new cars as well as well serviced second-hand cars at affordable and discounted prices.


Holden vehicles are Australian-made vehicles for Australian drivers. Holden used to be an Australian brand we all loved. They, however, have had to quit production as a result of some factors. Many people don’t know that there is still a large quantity of high-quality and durable Holden vehicles being sold.


Toyota is Australia’s number one selling car, and it has been that way for five consecutive years. This is because of the quality it offers at an affordable price. Toyotas can function on and off-road. They have strong engines, solid and fortified body structures, and high-end quality tyres.


Need a car that prioritises aerodynamic developments, light-weighting, electronics, powertrain performance, and fuel efficiency? A vehicle that considers durability, style, and comfort?


If you’re looking to buy vehicles for your business, corporation, industry, or company, then the brand for you is Iveco. Iveco is an acronym for Industrial Vehicles Corporation.

Business car

Have you been looking for an employee perk or incentive? Do you need a source of motivation or inspiration for your employees? Do you need a tax-friendly car for your business?


Fleet vehicles are a group of vehicles that are leased or owned by a business, industry, company, corporation, or government agencies. This option is reserved for just businesses, industries, companies, corporations, and government agencies.

Chattel Mortage

A chattel mortgage is a type of vehicle financing for sole proprietors, companies, and partnerships. It is a loan taken from a lender and used to purchase movable personal property.

Car Finance

These are provisions that allow you to purchase or temporarily own a car; they include but are not limited to loans for the purchase of vehicles and leases. Buying a car is a big deal financially; not everyone can afford that luxury.


Auto insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance broker, where a premium is paid regularly in exchange for indemnity. Life is not predictable, and anything can happen anytime.

About Us

Our services here are Honey Delight Commercial Brokers include supplying you with a variety of high-quality car brands. You have a wide range to choose from, and we will readily offer our expert advice on the features, specifications, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as the car most suited for your lifestyle.