Bee Vandalism in Australia

Bee Vandalism in Australia

When this happens in our beekeeping world it leaves us speechless.

While the rest of the world fights to save bees some people in Australia think this is OK. Why do people do this to bees?

We found these hives a few months ago when vandals attacked our Project Pink hives.

Vandalism of our "Project Pink" hives earlier in 2013

Vandalism of our “Project Pink” hives earlier in 2013

This type of vandalism happens in Australia more often than it should, and we found more of it today.

It’s heartbreaking for our family when we discover one of our apiaries has been vandalised because frequently a hive that has been vandalised will die.

Bee vandalism that disrupts the hives so much that they die

Vandalism in beekeeping – it disrupts the hives so much that often the bee colony will die.

Heart breaking bee vandalism

Heart breaking vandalism of bee hives in Australia

Bee Vandalism in Australia

Vandalism to bee hives  in Australia

We have reported this vandalism to the police, and we hope they will find the people responsible.

Please report any suspicious behaviour when you see it – “neighbourhood watch” works in rural areas too.


From a sad Honey Delight Family


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