Keeping bees healthy - moving bees

Keeping Honeys Bees Healthy: “Moving Bees”

            One of the ways Australian beekeeping is different to many parts of the world is the way we move our bees to ensure a continual source of nectar and pollen. In the industry, we call it “chasing honey”. Commercial beekeepers “chase honey” (and that[...]


Blue Ribbon Anzac Biscuits

          Blue Ribbon Anzac Biscuits Friday, 27 April 2012 Honey Anzac Biscuits have been a favourite in our family for decades. This recipe is special because has been in our family for generations and has won a blue ribbon in the 2011 and 2012 Canberra Show. Anzac[...]


God Save The Queen

          God Save the Queens Saturday, 24 March 2012     We monitor many things to make sure our queen and worker bees are as healthy as they can be. We aim to have healthy bees because they need energy, just like we do, to collect[...]

Honey on toast

A Love of Honey

          A Love of Honey Thursday, 15 March 2012  I grew up loving honey, being mesmerised by the way it flows, the way it shines in the light and the way honey bubbles form into pearl drops. My love affair with honey has now endured decades.[...]

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Canberra Show

          Canberra Show Thursday, 24th February Our family hasn’t entered honey or show competitions for decades. Needless to say, last year when we entered for the first time – we didn’t know what we were doing! Last year, we did win a number of ribbons, this year[...]