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Fleet vehicles are a group of vehicles that are leased or owned by a business, industry, company, corporation, or government agencies. This option is reserved for just businesses, industries, companies, corporations, and government agencies. Public utilities like fire fighting companies, car rental companies use this service. Private individuals or families do not need this service. Fleet vehicles can also be leased to transport products for delivery in a large quantity, transport materials for production, or transport many employees to a conference or workshop.

Fleet vehicles can also be operated in the novated lease area. The novated lease is an agreement between a renovated lease broker, an employer, and an employee. Or, in this case, a group of employers, employees, and a novated lease broker. The agreement states that the employees lease a car and make regular payments from their salaries before tax is deducted.

Businesses, industries, companies, corporations, and government agencies can decide to offer this service in mass to their employees. However, these fleet vehicles are used for work purposes only. They are used to make transportation easier for the employees.  

We offer car rental services to businesses, industries, companies, corporations, or government agencies who do not want to buy a fleet of vehicles. We offer you the rental option instead. At the end of the rental term, you don’t have to worry about disposing of the cars because we will take care of them. If you also want to renew your fleet vehicles rental agreement with us, we offer that service.

We supply your car rental business with all the varieties of cars you need. We have both brand new and second-hand fleet vehicles for sale. We not only sell them, but we ensure that we sell them to you at pocket-friendly prices. As usual, our access to high discounts and strong negotiating skills help us serve you better. Our prices are the lowest possible prices in the automobile brokers’ business.

We ensure that whatever fleet vehicles we want to buy from the previous owners are adequately tested and appraised to determine their value. We only accept the best quality fleet vehicles directly from the brand manufacturers, so we don’t see why we have to buy low-quality second-hand fleet vehicles. We subject those who want to sell them or trade-in their fleet vehicles to a series f questions that help us determine if their fleet vehicles have been well used. Some of the questions include how often they serviced their fleet vehicles? Did they take the cars for maintenance checks often? If parts have been replaced at any point, did they ensure they got only the best quality parts? We then proceed to buy if we are satisfied with their answers.

At Honey Delight Commercial Brokers, we not only offer fleet vehicle supply services to be leased or bought, but we also offer fleet vehicle management services. Contact us today to provide you with the best quality fleet vehicles.